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About The Magic Warehouse and Our Magic Shop

Welcome to my shop. My name is Howard Katz. I first got interested in magic in the early 1980's after watching a co-worker vanish a silk in his bare hand. It blew me away and I quickly became very interested and dedicated to learning magic. At the time I had a good job in the corporate world working for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. In 1996 I got the idea to start a mail-order magic business. Things started out slow but I was persistent. Luckily this new thing called the "Internet" began gaining popularity in the mid 1990's. I taught myself the computer skills to create a website and things skyrocketed from there. The business began to grow, and grow, and grow. I had a full-time job at the insurance company and a full-time job with the magic business. I was afraid to leave the security of my corporate job but something really great happened to me. In 2002, After 20 years of reasonably dedicated service I got laid-off. It was one of the happiest days of my life. My wife was a bit skeptical but I decided to devote all my time to The Magic Warehouse. Fortunately my efforts paid-off and the business has been prosperous. My goal has always been to provide great customer service and fast shipping. In fact, I'm a bit obsessed with it. We stock (in our own warehouse) 99% of the items you see on our site. This enables us to ship your magic tricks, props and supplies quickly. Also, since we have the products physically in our facility we can usually answer most product questions. With so many items in stock we can't always answer questions as quickly as we would like but we do our best. We realize you have a choice as to where you buy your products but I can assure you that if you buy from us you will get great service.

I'd like to also mention that for more years then I can remember I have been secretary of Assembly #6 of the Society Of American Magicians . In fact, I just received my 25 year pin from the S.A.M. I was also just elected president of IBM Ring 179 for 2009. Both clubs frequently meet in our shop so if you are in the area and would like to attend just let me know. Magic is a big part of my life and my customers are also my friends. I really like that!

Howard Katz

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The Meeting Room

A peak of our DVD room. You are seeing just a small part of it.

Our shelves are overflowing with magic

Your shop owner Howard Katz with Aldo Colombini

Howard with the famous Howie Schwarzman

Howard's son Sean and future shop owner