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All the items listed here were obtained from estates and private collections.
Epilogue by Karl Fulves
Epilogue by Karl Fulves

These are the original issues published by Karl Fulves. Included in the set are issues:
Issue 20 - March 1974
Issue 24 - July 1975
Special Issue 2
Issue 22 - Nov 1974
Special Issue 5 - 1976
Special Issue 1
Issue 18 - July 1973
Issue 23 - March 1975
Issue 15 - July 1972

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Variations by Earl Nelson - 1st edition
Variations by Earl Nelson - 1st edition

Book is in good condition.
Some scratches on the cover.
All binding in tact.
No dust cover

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Best Of Friends Vol 1 - Lorayne First Edition
Best Of Friends Vol 1 - Lorayne First Edition

These 560 pages are crammed full of good to great to terrific magic by great people. Over 120 card effects, routines, ideas including Ace Sandwich, Future Change, Fast Stack, Quadruple Jeopardy, Sum Hummer, Fascinating Pair, Sweet Four-Card Change, Easy Slider, Mixed-Up Poker, Super Triumph, Voice Print, Produce Four, Vanishing Aces,...

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Brocks & Block - MAK
Brocks & Block - MAK

Vintage MAK magic. A block of wood penetrates a sword

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Silk Tunnel - El Duco
Silk Tunnel - El Duco

From our Estate collection

A spectator chooses two cards that are then used as "doors" to close the cabinet or tunnel with faces towards the inside. You then show the spectators two blank silks and with the help of the supplied magic wand you push the silk through the holes at the ends of the cabinet. Of course...

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Checker Production Tube
Checker Production Tube

Display the stack of red and yellow checkers topped by one blue checker. Show an empty tube, then cover the stack of checkers with the empty tube. The top blue checker has vanished when tube is lifted! Remove the blue checker from pocket and explain, “It has traveled there.”Now remove the top red and yellow checkers from top of...

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