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100% Sankey by Richard Kaufman

64% OFF
Was $42.00   Now $15.00

After many requests, Kaufman and Company is reprinting one of its most famous books - 100% Sankey. Written and illustrated by Richard Kaufman, in hardcovers with dustjackets, and almost 100 pages. Printed on acid-free paper guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond.


Smudged by John Horn

74% OFF
Was $41.50   Now $10.99

John Horn has created the most visual Sharpie revelation ever. Taking the standard Sharpie revelation and turning it on its head creating a moment of instant visual impact!

Imagine being able Smudge the Sharpie logo to form the name of a selected playing card and now imagine being able to repeat this amazing & magical feat!



Cup Cards by Will Gray and Magic Tao

70% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $8.99

'CUP CARDS'!! - This is the classic cups and balls, but with a twist; It uses cards!

You offer to play a game with the spectator - the game of the cups and balls.

You show three blue cup cards and a little red ball card. You explain the game is for the Magician to get the ball from his pocket to the cups without...


TIGHT SPOT by Jay Sankey

67% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $10.00

The performer hands out an ordinary key to be examined and shows his hands undeniably empty (with his sleeves rolled up.) He then demonstrates a shocking series of optical illusions with the key, and finishes by somehow pushes his finger through the tiny hole in the key. A moment later, the key is handed back to the spectator's for close...


Arson by Alex Pandrea

68% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $7.95

A card is selected and the deck is held by the spectator. The magician ignites the flame on a lighter, then causes the lighter to completely vanish! When the deck is spread, one card is found in the deck with a severe burn mark on its back. It is the selected card! Next, the lighter is popped out of the card into the spectator's cupped...


Xtension by Alex Kolle

69% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $10.95

The creator of that through-the-roof sensation "The Hawk," has agreed to reveal another of his legendary high-flying astonishments!

You stick a single sticky note onto a card or card case...scribble something on the sticky note...and the scribble INSTANTLY AND VISIBLY transforms into a spectator's name...or the name of a card...or...


The Portal - Steve Shufton

58% OFF
Was $60.00   Now $25.00

A Portal to stunning, visual magic!

Carry the 4th dimension in your pocket!

Five full routines, performed and explained by David Regal

This amazing device will allow you to produce, vanish, transform, change and mutate small objects at will. Colorful, easy and visually amazing!



Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg

38% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $24.95

Watch as a punched hole MOVEs, BY ITSELF, from one end of a card to another. The card is signed and given away after the effect. Never, EVER, has a moving hole effect looked so visual.

Porthole comes with the precision-made prop you need to perform the effect, and it will last a lifetime. The apparatus takes care of everything for...


Secret Passage by Jay Sankey

46% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $18.95

A brand NEW collection of extraordinary moments with a 100% ordinary Sharpie marker!


    Visibly CRUSH...

    Skyline (Gimmick & DVD) by Danny Weiser

    70% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $8.99

    Your spectator selects a card. You tear off the corner, show both sides of the remaining card, and then in the blink of an eye the card is magically restored!

    Created by Danny Weiser, Skyline is an incredibly easy and in-their-face effect that can be performed it a number of different ways. Danny teaches how to use the included handmade...


    Inner Change - Shufton

    68% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $7.95

    Inner Change
    by Steven Shufton


    When her marked coin vanishes without a trace, only to reappear in a nest of envelopes she was holding, she will experience an

    Inner Change!

    Nothing short of amazement!

    With this unique and diabolical method, you will leave them stunned!...


    Overlap (With DVD, Cards, And Jumbo Cards) by Joshua Jay

    62% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $15.00

    Following the success of Joshua Jay's Magic Atlas, Josh returns with an amazing series of effects utilizing his OverlapGimmick. You'll learn contemporary and visually striking renditions of:

    • The Homing Card
    • Assemblies & Reverse Assemblies
    • Twisting Routines
    • Open Travelers
    • Collectors
    • The Tunnel Effect...


    Magical Artistry of Petrick and Mia Vol. 3

    43% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $20.00

    Petrick & Mia have cast their magic spell over audiences the world over-from the showrooms of Las Vegas to the most prestigious stages in Europe. Winners of many of magic's most celebrated awards, including the Dragon Award, FISM Special Award of Merit and the Academy of Magical Arts Award, Petrick & Mia's special blend of magic,...


    Ocular by Alex De La Fuente

    70% OFF
    Was $37.05   Now $10.95

    A hyper visual card to envelope that can be added to your card set at any point. Your spectators are going to absolutely love Ocular. The moment they see the card appear is an absolute jaw dropper.

    Ocular comes complete with an extremely clever gimmick hand crafted by Rob Bromley and a full instructional DVD which...


    Torn Too by Daniel Garcia

    70% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $8.99

    From the mind of Daniel Garcia comes a torn and restored card routine that will make you smile.

    A card is selected and signed.

    You explain: Your "secret" is a small "CRIMP" you put in the card so you can find it.

    You demonstrate: Your "CRIMP" is actually a hilariously large chunk that you tear...


    Back Of Cube - Tora

    34% OFF
    Was $240.00   Now $159.00

    There is a small cube and a big box on the table. The most important and great point is that, when the Magician takes out one dice from the small cube and puts it inside the big box, the dice vanishes. When he opens the door of the small cube, every one will be more surprised seeing that the dice returned to its previous position. He takes...


    Chap Schtick Surprise

    60% OFF
    Was $99.00   Now $39.99

    This is the bomb, Lip balm that is.

    Magician states that he is suffering from chapped lips and produces a standard tube of Chap Stick.

    He goes on to state that he family is very cost concious and buys the econo size at Walwart.

    He then produces a much larger tube.

    After the laughs have died...


    Newsworthy by Cosmo Solano

    47% OFF
    Was $89.95   Now $47.95

    From the creator of "International Pocket Change", "Q" and "SHOPAHOLIC!" comes an organic, all natural magic effect with everyday objects! NEWSWORTHY! is an easy to do, entertaining and MIND BLOWING effect which utilizes the power of "Q" and leaves your audiences stunned!

    EFFECT: What if your audience could "create" the news?...


    Stretcher by Jay Sankey

    50% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $20.00

    Shocking magic with a BORROWED item!

    Easy to do + extremely visual!

    Works with any tab from a can of soda or beer!

    The magician asks someone to snap off the tab from a can of soda or beer. The performer then holds the borrowed tab at the tips of his fingers and slowly, impossibly, STRETCHES the...


    Lotto Square by A.O. Smetsers

    79% OFF
    Was $47.00   Now $10.00

    From the creative mind of Leo Smetsers comes Lotto Square.

    A deviously simple close-up magic/lucky square routine, that you will carry with you everywhere!

    Leo has been performing his Lotto Square routine for years and we are pleased he has finally decided to bring this top the magic community.

    As well as receiving...


    UFO Cards - Astor

    50% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $12.50

    The magician gives a few cards to the spectator, then spreads a few cards face up on the table. The spectator mentally selects one of the cards on the table. The magician collects the tabled cards and draws a magical circle around the cards.

    The card thought of by the spectator is now inexplicably among the cards held by the...


    Assumption Swindle - Jack Tillar

    67% OFF
    Was $45.00   Now $15.00

    "This is precisely the type of material that every working mentalist is searching for. It is powerful, flexible and proven. It would be difficult to think of a demonstration that packed flatter or played bigger. Using Jack's Assumption Swindle, you will be able to convince every member of your audience that you can read their mind AND...


    Beyond Belief - Peter Eggink

    67% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.95

    Peter's card magic is extremely visual, and guaranteed to have a powerful impact on any audience. If you are into card magic, then this is definitely something for you. Simple, strong and visual magic!

    Peter welcomes you aboard on the R.M.S Titanic, where he performs some of his most devastating card routines, in front of live...


    World Renowned Magic Of Paul Potassy

    60% OFF
    Was $99.95   Now $39.95

    A Master Magician Reveals a Lifetime of Secrets for the Very First Time on Video!

    Paul Potassy has been called "a master of magical minimalism with maximum impact." He has performed for 66 years in 44 different countries, for celebrities, heads of state and even the Pope.

    He speaks six languages fluently and has...


    Cloud 9 by CIGMA Magic

    34% OFF
    Was $149.95   Now $99.00

    Cloud 9, produced and created by Cigma, is an innovative special effects smoke device with a delicate design operating system with a cutting-edge method. This compact smoke device allows you to add smoke easily into any of your current close up, parlor, or stage shows.

    The smoke is emitted from the "barrel" of Cloud 9....

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