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Super Subtle Card Miracles by Simon Lovell*
Item Number: DA4989

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Super Subtle Card Miracles by Simon Lovell*

Super Subtle Card Miracles by Simon Lovell*

Simon Lovell presents this DVD on easy to perform, easy to learn card magic and moves! You will learn fabulous card magic that anyone can do. Simon will also teach you these fantastic effects along with extra hints and tips that will astonish your audience. Plus you will see audience performances that will allow you to see just how amazing these card miracles really are!

"This is simple, visual card magic that you will use in the real world!"
- Simon Lovell

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Lots of excellent card magic without a lot of knuckle busting moves. I liked the variety of effects included on this DVD. Simon Lovell is a very good teacher and also a very likable and engaging performer, although I have to admit that if you watch a great deal of this video in one sitting you may grow a little tired of his performing personality. But that would be true of almost anyone, no performer would ever attempt to entertain an audience for hours with nothing but card effects. My only complaint is that I wish there had been more effects which didn't require set-ups or odd cards. However, all the set-ups required are pretty minimal such as having the 4 kings reversed on the bottom of the deck.. I also wish more DVD's of this type would present certain individual tricks in the context of a larger routine where one trick leads into the next, with the idea being that you could present a particular 3 or 4 in a row. But overall, an excellent DVD for anyone starting out in card magic and wants some tricks they could perform right away without weeks or months of practice. It assumes you can do a few of the very basic sleights and doesn't cover those thoroughly but enough to give you a starting point. Even though there are no really difficult sleights involved the magic is amazingly strong and your audiences will think that you are an expert at the card table. I would recommend Super Subtle Card Miracles very highly! - William Shedoudy

Taught very well. Learned a few tricks that I will use. - Larry Beckwith

Interesting DVD. Simon Lovell gives clear explanations. I like the way Lovell entertains his audience. - J Dufresne

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