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Maric Glass
Maric Glass
Item Number: TB7574



Maric Glass

Imagine making a coin VISIBLY penetrate a glass or a ring disappearing instantly.
Or maybe you want to do the world's best VISIBLE glass through table?
These super - visual effects are accomplished WITHOUT the use of threads, magnets, thumb tips, gimmicked coins, etc.

The ONLY thing you will need is the Maric Glass!

Easy to learn and perform, even for beginners.
Perform surrounded.
No threads, no magnets, no thumb tips, no gimmicked coins or gimmicked rings.
No complicated sleight of hand needed.
Instant resets.
You can perform with borrowed items.
This outstanding devise will never raise suspicion, and even a TV camera cannot catch the secret. Your audience will never think the glass itself is doing all the work. It looks a real magic!

It is important to know that you can do EVERY effect you see on the official Maric Glass video clip with this outstanding device.

THE MARIC GLASS is a super visual and practical prop that can make a coin or ring seem to vanish instantly! Anyone can perform the Maric glass. Even beginners will be able to perform this with confidence. The best part is there are NO angle restrictions even in surrounded situations. Every glass is made precisely to the specifications of Mr. Maric. THE MARIC GLASS comes with an exclusive carry case and an instruction DVD containing 6 different effects including performances and detailed explanations.

You will love this brilliant glass for ever...

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